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Donate to the KAC PAC! This fund helps to support legislators who support chiropractic! 

Please read the following BEFORE making a donation! 

- Donations must be from a personal account and cannot be linked to your business or corporate account

- You are limited to donate $2,100/year from an individual (see limits here).

- KAC PAC cannot accept donations from a corporation. PACs may not accept contributions from partnerships, LLCs, or LLPs.  Under Kentucky’s campaign finance law, “corporation” means any corporation, company, partnership, joint stock company, or association. Since corporations are prohibited from making contributions directly to candidates, slates of candidates, or committees, a PAC is not permitted to accept contributions directly from a partnership. 


To make a NEW donation:

1. Enter your preferred amount below to the right of "Pick your Donation" - There is a minimum of $5 and max of $2,100

2. Select either "One-time Donation" (skip to step 4) OR "recurring until cancelled" (move to step 3)

3. Select your payment schedule (monthly, semi-annually, annually)

4. Hit "Donate Now" - takes you to the next screen

5. Enter in your payment details and you are good to go!!


To update your current recurring donation:

To watch a short video on how to update your current recurring donation payment method (i.e. update your CC on file), click here

1. Head to your account here

2. Find the "Donations" tab

3. Select your recurring PAC donation - click the blue "Payment Details" button to see the full details

4. On the right, hit the "Update Recurring Payment Menthod"

5. Enter in your new payment details and you are good to go!!


Having difficulty, fill out our paper form here and send it back to the KAC office and we'll process your donation for you!


Don't forget - donations must be from a personal account, not business or corporate.


Thank you for supporting the KAC's PAC! We are stronger together!


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