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2021 Tornado Relief Fund

Thank you to all who have previously donated! The funds have been distributed to chiropractors who were impacted by the storms. We could not have done this without the support of our colleagues in the Commonwealth and across the nation!


We understand the 2021 tornado has impacted the lives of many Kentuckians. The KAC has heard many donation centers have been set up and at this time, donation centers are asking for a hold on physical supplies. These centers are asking instead for monetary donations to help Kentuckians.

The KAC is asking for voluntary donations to help chiropractors. 100% of donations made to our fund will help chiropractors first in any need they may have - this could be food, supplies, a new front sign that may have been torn off, a few nights in a hotel or a bill paid, etc.. Any additional remaining unused funds will be sent to a larger fund, like the Western KY Tornado Relief fund with the state to help the state of Kentucky and the lives impacted by the storms.

We will keep our ears open for futher supplies needed in the future, specifically chiropractic supplies, to help those chiropractors impacted get back on their feet.

We apprecaite your donation to help the state of Kentucky! 


If you know a chiropractor who has been impacted please submit the best contact information to us so we can reach out to see how we can best support them.

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