CA Masterclass: The Art of Communication (OT101)

Chiropractic Assistants play various roles in today’s modern practice. No matter what role you play in the practice, your position is vital and worthy of doing with a sense of mastery. The level at which you play influences your teammates and the patients you serve. Success Coach and Personal Branding leader, May Bagnell, has served as a CA and now Center Director for Bagnell Brain & Chiropractic with over 28 years of leadership. Learn how adopting a concierge service model that takes psychic ownership will uplevel the CA personally and professionally. The ripple effect will uplevel your practice, the team and your brand in the community you serve.  Every next level of your practice will demand a different version of you. Step into the CA Masterclass.


This course was originally presented by May Bagnell on March 5, 2019, and is a part of our Office Training Series sponsored by ChiroHealthUSA.